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World Class Flood & Water Rescue Training

World Class Flood & Water Rescue Training

World Class Flood & Water Rescue Training

World Class Flood & Water Rescue Training

World Class Flood & Water Rescue Training

World Class Flood & Water Rescue Training

International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)


International and Accredited Training

World Class Flood & Water Rescue Training

Professional Rescue Academy for nearly two decades, has worked in emergency management and water rescue and flood response. To advance tactics and training a twin mechanism emerged, one to hold Tactical Instructional Masterclass events with leading Fire Departments and Emergency Management Offices. The second to run ‘Floodfighter Conferences’ Worldwide (latest was Australia, May 2019) – supported by the Research Group working with fire and emergency management professionals, together with international delegates from over the world including Asia, North America and the EU to develop flood response and major incident management principles.

The Masterclasses have trained hundreds of International rescuers. And enable our Instructor delegates to requalify and evidence Continued Professional Development (CPD), activity-based training and attend pre-determined skills maintenance and refresher training. With structured Professional Development approved technical presentation inputs and swift water/flood programmes based on lessons learned from the frontline of hurricanes and natural disaster.

These ‘Special Operations’ programmes are for technical rescue including inflatable rescue boat (IRB) operations, patient/survivor management and litters (stretchers) usage, navigating by GPS in small rescue craft, rescue boat beaching and survivor transfers techniques in area wide floods. Carried out in both daylight and night time sessions of multi-boat area-wide flood Search and Rescue (SAR) exercises etc. They uniquely include working with National Guard aviators with their UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters to experience Helicopter Aquatic Rescue Team (HART) water rescue operations honed in real time cyclone/hurricane ops, helicopter based rescues, swift water/flood rescue, lost persons and urban/wilderness high angle rescues.

Training for Community Flood Response

The Professional Rescue Academy has continued to develop and sustain firstly its work in training client organizations both military and civil rescue units in these protocols here in the UK, North America, Pacific rim and in Europe. The Academy has the necessary Intellectual Property (IP) Manuals for all the classes and tactics, facilities, accreditation and specialised training skills and Instructor staff, to conduct this specialist training. The water and flood rescue courses are listed at Training Services.

We can either provide our template courses or research, specify the required module(s) and source the required facilities with the client. As for example we have done this in North America, Australia, across Europe and the Philippines.

Our team can help with Operations through:

  • Risk Assessments for operational planning and equipment procurement
  • Assess and select those to be trained
  • Deliver the relevant training
  • Devise and run proof of concept training exercises
  • Arrange inter agency training exercises
  • Mentor and develop unit teams ready for deployment
  • Set up working relationships and liaise with all the relevant agencies

Unique Collaboration – International Association of Fire Chiefs

In association with the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) who represents the leadership of firefighters and emergency responders worldwide; their members are the world's leading experts in firefighting, emergency medical services, terrorism response, hazardous materials spills, natural disasters, search and rescue, and public safety policy. Therefore, we can offer other emergency response related services. IAFC’s mission is to provide leadership to current and future career, volunteer, fire-rescue and EMS chiefs, chief fire officers, company officers and managers of emergency service organizations throughout the international community through vision, information, education, services and representation to enhance their professionalism and capabilities.

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