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Our Business Safety and Fire Risk Management associates are specialists in assessing risks, identifying ways to mitigate them, and assisting you to respond to any remaining challenges arising. We can call on Associates with many years’ experience from an operational, technical or academic background to deliver a response to risk.

We can assist with a wide range of Risk Assessment/Evaluation work including;

  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Health & Safety Risk Assessments
  • Flooding Risk Assessments
  • Business Continuity Risk Analysis

Fire Risk Assessments

Our Fire Risk Assessments (FRAs) are conducted by experienced fire safety practitioners who can work with you to ensure that your fire plans also compliment business continuity needs including arson prevention measures.

There is a legal requirement for businesses to undertake a Fire Risk Assessment and to ensure that it is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Can you ignore Fire Safety?

Lives lost.

Every year in the UK many hundreds of people are killed in fires. Proper assessment and management of fire hazard could significantly reduce this figure. In view of the legal penalties too, as we have seen lately a £210,000 fine, non-compliance with the fire safety regime is a very serious matter for the ‘responsible person’ it could cost not only the lives of employees and others but also your business and freedom.

Fire risk assessments need to be carried out for all premises (domestic premises excepted).

ALL workplaces, including Hotels, Places of Entertainment, Licensed Premises and residential Landlords with houses used for multiple occupancy.

Health and safety law compliance may prove difficult and many businesses ignore the rules that govern fire safety and the workplace – are you one? Fire safety law last changed in 2006, when the ‘Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order’ (the RRO) came into force, replacing dozens of laws that related to fire safety.

The RRO requires the majority of property occupiers to carry out a fire risk assessment and comply with its findings (known as ‘Steps to be taken’) or face hefty fines and/or imprisonment. Despite the rule change years ago, errors are still made.

We’re very happy to deal with the small retail shops or offices and all places of work, having also dealt with many major projects e.g. heavy industrial and chemical premises, city centre retail and commercial redevelopment, places of entertainment including major crowd control venues for safety at sports grounds, major shopping centres and conference centres, fire safety in building design and all aspects of life safety.

Staff Training, Fire Investigation and Technical Representations

Also we can assist you with staff and fire marshal training and evacuation exercises etc.

Our technical consultants can assist with any internal investigations necessary, including Fire Investigation and represent your interests in meetings with e.g. architects, Building control officers/surveyors (BCOs), planners and enforcement authorities etc.

About Us

We can assist you in resolving the challenges you face.

We can bring together a wide range of experts from emergency management, risk and business continuity disciplines. Their real world experience and diverse backgrounds ensure we can deliver a fully integrated approach to risk identification, analysis and response. We can assist you in resolving the challenges you face.

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