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Professional Rescue

Welcome to Professional Rescue

Professional Rescue as the name implies is a specialist risk assessment based water safety consultancy.

We can provide:

  • Training services
  • Air asset deployment advice
  • Produce filmic media and electronic based training resources
  • Rescue boat and equipment services and supplies to meet the needs of the Water Rescue, Flood, Swiftwater and Technical Rescue Services here in the UK, EU and Internationally.

Our consultants are from a wide range of related fields in the Professional Rescue world and have an equally wide range of competencies from risk assessments to event water safety services to training to boat design and build to electronic and filmic based training resource production. They have an impressive track record of being involved in organising events e.g. World Floodfighters, to research and training in the UK and Internationally.

The company maintains national, European and international level interests in fire and rescue services and represents its industry for the IAEM to Government, CEN, EU and EENA in Europe.

The company is an acclaimed organiser and technical adviser of national and international level, leading edge conferences and strategic personnel development events, specialising in water safety and rescue, disaster, major weather related and flood events’ management, strategic level command matters and emergency management. It has an enviable in-depth knowledge of EM matters and contacts across the United Kingdom, Europe, Australasia and the USA.

Our Mission

To deliver the services of a knowledge driven company with mutual respect, based on sound research, with staff who have initimate insights of the sectors and its competencies and have the creeds and missions that are comfortable with the philosophies of saving life.

To see more about the services that we can offer view our Training Services UK and Europe and Products pages:

Training Services UK and Europe

Professional Rescue Products