Professional Rescue
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The RescueOne Connector specialist flood rescue boat

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Professional Rescue Products

Professional Rescue, Flood & Technical Rescue 400 Boat
Extreme weather events are happening with more regularity. Inland flooding is one result and rescue services must be prepared to cope. The ‘ProRescue 400’ has been designed specifically to serve this vital need and especially for the Flood Response Services. Developed in cooperation with the UK Flood and Technical Rescue Academy, internationally recognized experts in flood rescue boat handling techniques. The FR-400 has been specifically designed for inland flood technical rescue operations... click here for more information

Bay Raptor Heavy Duty Range of Boats
We can now offer the fabulous extreme tough range of 'Raptor Boats by Bay Industry' - made to the highest military grade standards and manufactured to meet ISO 6185. Want more information?... click here for more

RescueOne Connector Boat
We are proud to be working with out board engine makers and Distributors to make available the Rescue One Connector Boat. A specialist Flood Rescue boat with a number of key design features which combined with the reliability and performance of a powerful jet driven Yamaha engine provides the ideal solution for rescuing and transporting large numbers of people (and their pets) from floods... click here for more

Mayday Hansa Rescue Board
Developed for professional life rescue personnel, this surface rescue board is especially designed for faster and safer life rescue on water, mud and ice... click here for more

Drone Consultancy Services
Out of our relationship with SkyBound Rescuer, a leading organisation of specialists in the use of drones for public safety, with an aim to optimise drone performance for Emergency Services, we can offer our research-driven approach to problem solving. Together we research, we innovate, and we educate to ultimately enable Emergency Services to use drones to save lives that couldn’t be saved before... click here for more


Rescue Boats Europe

For all your Arancia water rescue boats and lifeboat needs for operations in the marine or flood or fire and rescue here for more



Have a look at this exciting view of the future of drones for Search and Rescue in the movie below...